Is Covid-19 still a threat?

We have lived with covid-19 for almost two and a half years. It seems that covid-19 isn’t a big threat as it was in 2020, when covid-19 was serious. When covid-19 was first discovered in Wuhan City, China, in December 2019, and during the few months after the discovery, the WHO (World Health Organization) was careless and covid-19 spread rapidly worldwide. The result was drastic and devastating, causing aftereffects and even killing millions of people, striking the world economy, and slowing trade between countries. But two years have passed since 2020 and several vaccines have already been developed; furthermore, in some countries immunization is forming, making the covid-19 less critical and infective. Not only is research showing the shredding danger of covid-19, but also the atmosphere around the society against covid-19 is changing, as viewing it in the same light as a common cold. 

The emergence of several vaccines made the world take a short breath, but it soon appeared that the immunity of vaccines was not permanent and should be injected constantly, usually in an interval of three months. Furthermore, the long-term immunity of the vaccines was not the only problem, side effects were also detected, including fever, headache, and fatigue. Some vaccines were not recommended for young children under 12. 

By. Minsoo Kim