Injuries in Sports

Some injuries are fatal to athletes’ careers. Every year, about 14 to 32 percent of athletes end their career due to injuries. So, what kinds of injuries are most frequent to athletes?

The most common injuries among the athletes are sprains, knee injuries, fractures, and tennis elbow. Strains happen when muscles or tendons are twisted or overstretched. Sprains caused 14 percent of athletes to wrap up their jobs.

A famous athlete who had sprains is Neymar Jr. He had ankle sprains.

Ruptured ligaments and torn cartilages are causes of knee injuries. The symptoms include warmth to the touch, redness on the knees or not being able to fully straighten the knees. As for fractures, they happen when an athlete gets an insistent stress or trauma from outside athletics. Hand fractures are common among basketball players. 

Anthony Davis having a hand fracture.

And last, tennis elbows cause pain on the surface of elbows. Tennis elbows are also caused by repetitive and strenuous activity. When you have a tennis elbow, you might feel tenderness and pain outside of your elbows. As the name suggests, tennis elbow happens frequently to tennis players. This is because they use their elbows so many times.

By: Yoon Oh Noh