COVID-19 in Chuseok

Chuseok is a holiday when families reunite and celebrate the holiday with multiple festivities. But what would happen if the holiday gets canceled or minimized because of the COVID-19? Would this affect our culture and the pandemic? In the long term, if we have the cure, the culture itself would not be destroyed. However, this year, many families are discouraged to visit their relatives face-to-face and would rather prefer to contact them via phone call. Because people will travel less, there will be a decrease in spread of the Coronavirus. However, this does not mean there would be less confirmed cases, since some people would still travel to see their families.

However, the health officials and many professionals are arguing against the idea of traveling in Chuseok because of the virus. They are attempting to cut down the tickets in motorway service stations, like KTX, to prevent people from moving around. They are also planning an intense physical distancing scheme.

Staying home would be safer for everyone during this Chuseok break since it is undoubtful that the unusual crowdings of people would rebound the confirmed cases in Korea. 

by. Eleanor Seo