Ideas for Holiday Presents Related to Fall

As most Koreans celebrate Chuseok, many people also share presents with each other. There are many ideas to make the holiday into an even more memorable week. So, observing the presents that people share will provide much advice when choosing them.

There are three remarkable gifts. The first one is honey. Honey is considered an expensive and unique present. The major reasons for this as a gift are that honey is not produced much in autumn, and comes mostly from flowers that do not bloom in other seasons. Therefore, people tend to give honey as a gift to express their sincerity and the level of importance towards the person.

Another good idea for a fall gift is tea. The major reason is that it goes along well with the weather. Due to the rapid decrease in temperature in autumn, there is an increase in the number of people catching a cold and an increase in the rate of the spread of the influenza virus. A tea gift conveys thoughtfulness and care with the takers’ health between the seasons.

The final gift option for fall is traditional food. Many people shop for traditional holiday gifts online. For example, rice cakes and Korean traditional snacks are the typical gifts for holidays. These are meaningful since they represent the country’s tradition. It is important that all gifts were chosen under care about the gift taker’s preference. Choosing a meaningful gift to delight the receiver is still a memorable thing. However, these three gifts could make the holiday even more wonderful!

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By. Eunyoung So