Celebrating Fall Festivals

Unique fall festivals bring about the thrill of the fall season. Although many fall activities such as picking apples, making kites, and stuffing scarecrows are well-known, there are other popular festivals that take place during fall. What are some fall festivals worldwide?
Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a five-day festival in India. The name, Diwali, originates from clay lamps used to represent a celebration of the light against the dark. During this festival, families come together for feasts. Moreover, people put up lights and lamps around their houses and design patterns using colorful powders, which are referred to as rangoli.

Another famous festival is the Moon Festival which is a Chinese festival that lasts for three days. During the Moon Festival, people gather and have family reunions. People enjoy mooncakes of various flavors with the shape resembling a moon during this time. Prayer is also a major aspect of this festival because the moon is worshipped.

Different countries celebrate autumn by assimilating their own cultures. The season with unique festivals can make fall a memorable time of the year. The Diwali and Moon Festivals are popular worldwide for acceptance into one’s culture.

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By. Reea Kim