“Why the iPhone Price is a Bubble”

A new iPhone came out last week. Every year, a new iPhone is produced. However, the iPhone price starts from eight hundred dollars and soon increases to over a thousand dollars. So, why is the iPhone so costly?

The biggest reason is that people purchase the latest iPhones even though they don’t need them. Every new generation of iPhones brought in groundbreaking new technology that surprised many consumers and received support for consumption a few years ago. Also, iCloud or other functions that connect the devices between iPhone and other Apple products were highly productive and was worth spending money. Nowadays, however, iPhones lack visible improvement that supports the high price. Most people don’t realize they are wasting cash to buy products that are not worth the cost. Since everyone else is buying, they impulsively spend money on it. This cycle will repeat, and the iPhone’s price will never fall.

There is a new discovery that the newly released iPhone used the same CPU(Central Processing Unit) as the previous generation. Also, the “Sapphire Crystal”, a glass-like material in which 25 percent of it used to compose camera lenses, was removed from the iPhone. However, the price is constant. Other prices of display or charging ports remained constant.

Buying the previous generation’s iPhones at a lower price is a wise way to buy an iPhone. It displays nearly the same performance and efficiency but costs less than half of the new iPhone.

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By. Hyunsu Park