Grab One in F/W 2022 Trend

Are you a person who likes comfy clothes? Then this fall or winter would be your favorite. The most significant fashion trend in F/W 2022 is beautiful outfits you can wear anytime and anywhere. Autumn used to wear luxurious velvets, bold prints, and colorful clothes or expose your body positivity and gender fluidity. However, this autumn would be a perfect season for you to become fashionable with comfortable clothes.

  • Plain White Tank
    The rising basic white tank top has destroyed designers’ prejudices. Now it is not just a basic tank top. In Bottega Veneta, the new blazes were cut into paper-thin leather. In Prada, triangular logos, and Lowe, are transparent with rubber. In addition, it freely matches various bottoms and gives you a new feeling. Not only denim pants with multiple colors and silhouettes but also mini skirts, dressy long skirts, and loose cargo pants can all be perfectly digested. Celebrities also enjoyed tank tops in their way.
  • Leather Jacket
    I can not think of anything to replace the searing jacket with outerwear that will endure the harsh winter. Nevertheless, you can focus on the latter this season if you struggle between a down jumper and a searing coat. Various collections have offered classic or new nuanced searing jackets to guarantee. There were various lux updates for the fall, including Prada, Elisab, and Lauren Smith. Lowe also had products that gave leather tightness, but as seen in Isabel Marant, Raff Simmons, and Sakai, the repetition of vintage-style oversize is noticeable this season. He is an outerwear champion who can wear comfortably all day long.

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By. Hyein Hwang