Fantasies Fulfilled

What are your best childhood stories? Everyone has their favorites, and this topic can be relatable or controversial, depending on your listener. Here are three popular traditional stories worldwide – all-time favorites.

  1. The Three Little Pigs
    This story is one of the most entertaining pieces of work – if not the most. It has all the elements needed for a masterpiece – thrill, tension, and climax. Furthermore, it has a moral lesson that is important for adults and children to remember or teach themselves. On a side note, if you relate yourself to the three pigs, you will be able to feel the intimidating terror that the wolf will provide you.
  2. Heung-boo and Nol-boo
    Yes, it is another cliche story that kindness is good. That does not mean it will be a boring story, though! There are two key points to concentrate on if you do not want to miss out on anything in this story. First, the violence around the tale’s beginning provokes so much anger and empathy in the readers. Second, the unexpected and unbelievable scene is revealed after a long time of patience. However, if you wish to not miss out on anything from it, you should read this story because it is so much more than a couple of lines written here.
  1. The Cinderella
    Last but certainly not least, we cannot leave Cinderella out of this list; missing out on such a great artwork will disqualify the article from being trustworthy. This story satisfies our fantasies, such as wearing beautiful clothes, which are probably very expensive in real life, in a second and having the blue singing birds that not only do your chores but also wake you up with a magnificent sound. What a life, right? Well, it is certainly not happening in our real lives any time soon, so go ahead and fulfill your dreams by watching the movie!

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By. Miso Kim