How AI is Used in Farming

Twenty years ago, farmers had difficulty farming. They spent tough times harvesting crops. However, farmers do not suffer as much today due to the advent of AI technologies. The development of AI technology allows easier farming. Technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and the IoT improve the environment to farm well.

The art of farming has to meet various conditions such as temperature, moisture, acidity, etc. However, artificial intelligence technologies solve these problems. Since farming is efficient under certain conditions, artificial intelligence lets farmers know the climate and the fine dust level. Before the development of these technologies, farmers had to predict the conditions on the farming day and had difficulties predicting. However, the introduction of AI technology dismissed this issue. Not only do they predict weather conditions, but they also predict crop yield through real-time sensor data. Using drones with ground-sensor data, much data was captured as it provided live videos for the crop. Combining the data of moisture, temperature, and fertilizer levels for farming, it analyzes growth patterns. The machine learning technology with ground-sensor data can predict the farming conditions which further makes the farmers comfortable.

Technology in agriculture is also used to eliminate pests. It is possible to use drones. For farmers, pest elimination is one of the major factors in farming because pests destroy the crops. In modern days, farmers use satellite images to compare the condition of their crops at any time by detecting the type of the insect parasiting in the crop. After detecting them, the technology sends a message to the farmers to rid them as soon as possible. For detection, there is another method: using the UN. The UN evaluates the data related to the pest infestations.

Thanks to the modern technology, farmers are better off. Moreover, it yields more crops. The technological advancement will result in an increased food production and further serve as practical tools.

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By. David Choi