Pets and human health

Pets play important roles in many different ways. For example, they can help detect drugs, provide entertainment, and help patients recover from trauma. Most importantly, pets are considered to be important companions, which boosts our overall well being.

First of all, walking your pet helps prevent harmful diseases. To elaborate, just by walking with your pet, you can improve your heart health by lowering the blood pressure. In fact, people with dogs and cats are less prone to heart disease. 

Furthermore, pets provide immense social support. Pet makes not only grownups but also children feel relaxed and comfortable. Stunning right? 

Lastly, a large group of German scientists collected data to find a correlation between pet ownership and health problems. They figured out that people with pets had the fewest number of doctor visits. 

These days, many people get bored at home and spend their time watching Netflix or Youtube. Why not adopt a pet that fits with your lifestyle? Here are some suggestions. If you are a quiet person, an African Snail would be good. If you have allergies, turtles are the best pet with the least amount of fur. If you are an active person, a dog or a cat would match your preference. 

But remember that you should thoroughly consider if you are ready to take the responsibility for your pet before adoption.

Source : Casciotti, Dana. “Animals Play an Important Role in Many People’s Lives and Often Help with Therapy, Rehab, Etc. Learn More about the Possible Benefits of Pet Companionship.” National Center for Health Research, 31 Mar. 2017,

by. Isabella Park