Where all weird things hide

Ryan just had his 7th birthday in his old and worn-out cabin. Just a young little boy, Ryan spent his birthday alone, as there was no one beside him, not even his mother or father. In fact, Ryan had no information about where he was from or who his parents were; he only knew that they passed away shortly after he was born. 

The next day, while Ryan was gathering wood in the forest, he stopped in front of an enormous yellow lemon tree. He spotted a small animal on the bark, more than a meter and a half tall, somewhat resembling a human being. The animal looked at Ryan as well. After a short moment, feeling endangered, the human-looking animal attacked Ryan and hurt his arm. However, realizing that Ryan was just an innocent child, the animal apologized by curing his injury. Surprisingly, the animal introduced itself as Diaximar, the leader of the Zinedian tribe. Realizing that the animal was actually a human being, Ryan got interested in Diaximar. Diaximar told him about all the adventures and the excitement its life involved. Diaximar took him to their tribe’s base down the lemon tree, and there were the Zinedian tribe as well as the dinosaur fossils and many different kinds of artifacts.

While exploring the tribe, Ryan observed how Diaximar’s father was planning to attack a power plant (a neighboring society). Asking Diaximar why he was doing it, Ryan soon learned that their tribe was having a hard time due to water pollution caused by a power plant. As Ryan realized that the lake had been everything to the Zinedian tribe, providing food and water, he also agreed to fight. And the day came. The Zinedian tribe fiercely attacked the plant at midnight. Deoxmourys and Diaximar were running to the penthouse in the factory, where the leader of the power plant lived. Ryan followed them, hoping he would be of some help. At last, the tribe managed to take over many parts and buildings of the power plant.  

After taking over many parts of the power plant, the three met Diego, a fierce leader with enormous fists. Diego was silent; he did not say anything to the three. Annoyed and furious, Deoxmourys (father of Diaximar) attacked Diego, but he was quickly knocked down. Diego threw him outside the window. Hearing Deoxmourys’s news, the Zinedian tribe was in despair, and many members, feeling demoralized, refused to fight. Diaximar, who just lost his father, was extremely angry and started attacking Diego with his fullest strength. However, Diego was so powerful. After beating Diaximar also, Diego looked at Ryan and said that he knew Ryan’s parents. Diego said that he killed Ryan’s parents because they made a mistake in their territory and added he would kill Ryan as well. 

Hearing his atrocious deed, Ryan and Diaximar were enraged. They ferociously attacked Diego all at the same time. Ryan kicked while Diaximar stabbed him at the back, which ultimately killed Diego and brought the tribe to victory. After a funeral for Deoxmourys, Ryan decided to leave the forest and the town where his parents were killed. Diaximar and Ryan shared their last goodbyes, hoping and praying for the well-being of others. 

By: Jinha Hwang