Wait! What is World Science Day?

Isn’t this hashtag familiar? It will definitely be an intimate hashtag if you have been following science pages on your social media. With a strong interest in studying pre-medicine in the future, I follow various science-related social platforms. So, I see this hashtag once every year. However, whenever I look at it, I don’t give much attention and fail to recognize the purpose of science day or even what it does in the first place. Even though many have heard of science day, I feel like it deserves more public recognition and appreciation. 

Science, by nature, is dissolved in every single of our lives. For example, when you toast a piece of bread, the toaster could only be made through intricate science. When you take your pill, the pill itself is an excellent condensed product with extensive scientific background knowledge. Like these, you can find science from everywhere near you, and World Science Day strives to deliver the idea of the essential nature of science. 

By taking the time to write the article, I decided to inform the public about the significance of World Science Day. I aim to help the readers interpret such an event’s background and take a moment to enjoy the purported day. Briefly, World Science Day is a day commemorated every November 10th, mainly focused on raising public awareness about the significance of science. The day illustrates how science has taken an extensive role in establishing a peaceful world. By educating all public ranging from the top officials to school students, the holiday strongly encourages the public to understand the valuable role of science momentarily. 

Moreover, through active campaigns and dedicated lectures, the official science day demonstrates the interconnectedness that science has brought across the globe, forming a solid bond between nations. Prominent scientists from each country gather and have fruitful discussions about current science projects and respective future outcomes. Lastly, the day emphasizes the delicate nature of the planet, urging the public to develop and follow sustainable goals towards a better community. Giving suggestions on the steps that the public can take to save the world, world science day allows each individual to establish specific goals. 

With these in mind, I can now deeply understand and thank world science day. The knowledge I gained from today, fueled by my passion for science, will be what takes me through my doctoring path. In the future, I dream of becoming an eminent surgeon who can help to achieve all the specific aims that World Science Day has targeted.

By: Minji Kwon