What do I do?

As the name suggests, the day of science is a day to celebrate advancements in science. Although it is commemorated at different times worldwide, South Korea celebrates the day on April the 21st. Most people are not aware of this day and ignore it. As a result, most people do not know what to do on this day. There are a variety of different activities you can do on this day. All the activities that are going to be mentioned can all be done in a typical household. None of them requires advanced scientific knowledge. 

The first activity you can do is looking around you. By looking around, you will find at least one or two objects. Any of them are all results of the development of science. You can pick any object and investigate it. For example, there is a laptop in front of me. I can search in any search engine “the origin of the laptop.” As I go through the article, I appreciate the advancement of science. This advancement let me use this laptop to write this article. Although this activity enables you to enjoy science, it is not the most interesting one. 

This simple experiment I found is straightforward and more interesting than the previous one. The experiment’s name is “dry paper towel underwater.” All you need is a paper towel, cup, and container deep enough to submerge the mug. You will dip the cup entirely inside the container full of water and take it out. The towel will be completely dry or partially wet. If you are curious about the science behind this experiment, you can search it up on the internet.

The mentioned activities are my recommendation of activities you can do on the day of science to appreciate science. You can come up with other activities and experiments on your own too. Although this year’s day of science has already passed, you can try this out in your free time or save it up for the following year. Keep in mind to always appreciate science!

By: Juno Kim