University Of British Columbia Visited

University of British Columbia visited Seoul Scholars International on September 25th. Their Senior Director went over UBC’S programs and talked about work permit as well as research programs. Students can stay in Canada for 3 years after graduation and if they find a sponsor, they can stay for even longer. UBC is #1 in the world for taking urgent action to combat climate change. Furthermore, UBC is the most international university in North America and welcomes students and professors from all over the world. UBC has many research centers and 3 hospitals on campus as well. Students can always take an opportunity to do their own research. Undergrad students can work with professors and UBC is an innovative community, so there’s always research happening on campus. At the end of the session, our students asked many questions about studying abroad, requirements about 261 undergraduate majors offered at UBC, and applying as undeclared.