Types of Semiconductors

With the recent development of semiconductor-related businesses, many people are interested in semiconductor-related occupations. Despite the rising interest, semiconductor-related content is never easy. There are a lot of details of semiconductors and they are divided into various types.

First of all, semiconductors are mainly divided into memory semiconductors and non-memory semiconductors. Memory semiconductors are those that store and remember information, and non-memory semiconductors are those that process information such as computation and reasoning. Memory semiconductors, like their names, serve to store information. It is largely divided into two types: Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read-Only Memory (ROM).

RAM can read and delete information freely, and when the power is turned off, the stored content disappears, so it is also called volatile memory. It is used for smartphones and TVs. Rom is a memory that stores information and is also called a nonvolatile memory because the stored information does not disappear even if power is not supplied unless people erase the information manually. It is used for IC cards in bank atms.

Next, a non-memory semiconductor refers to a semiconductor manufactured for information processing. It’s also called “system semiconductor.” Non-memory semiconductors are mainly used as chips and act as the brain of electronic products, so they are essential for various electronic devices. Since it plays a key role in various electronic products such as communication and various sensors, circuits are complicated and there are various types. The non-memory semiconductor market accounts for more than 70% of the global semiconductor market, and its importance is growing. In fact, the Korean government has also selected the non-memory industry as one of the three major fostering industries.

Semiconductors, which have become essential elements in our daily lives, are jobs with high employment rates and good prospects, so many people will apply more in the future. If you are a natural sciences applicant, it is a good choice to try this field.

By: Minjae Kim