The Unanimous Statement of this Month

Spoiler alert: please keep in mind that the article below contains spoilers about “Man of Steel,” the Captain America series, the Ironman series, and the Avengers series.

What is your favorite literature work? Sherlock? Harry Potter? Why do you like that piece of work? What makes you fall in love with it? Is it the atmosphere of the book? Is it the breathtaking twist at the end? Is it the descriptive language that transports you to another world? For me, it is the characters – attractive and no-apparent-motivations-for-committing -crimes villains, kind and selfless characters who often are sacrificed, and most importantly the protagonists. Often, there is nothing better in a literary work that the readers can relate to than the protagonist. It does not matter what type of protagonist it is; it can be the one that changed to be the best version of himself or herself, remained the same throughout the piece, or gave up on

everything for the greater good. If you have not had the chance to interact with the three fantastic yet bitter characters below, I urge and beg you to meet them.

  1. Superman

Here comes the guy who literally has the symbol of hope as the traditional badge of his family. While he could have grown to be a bad man with great powers, his great human dad and god dad guide him well. Superman, also known as Clark Kent, is definitely a character who rarely changes and stays good. If you do not want your hero to go through a villain-era, the movie “Man of Steel” is a must-watch.

  • Captain America

“I can do this all day.” Doing something all day is not an easy job, especially if that is getting hit by someone who is angry at you. Captain America, with his everlasting desire for justice and doing the right thing, sacrifices his life to save thousands. If he sounds like your type of hero, go watch all series of Captain America, including the Avengers as well.

  • Ironman

Cursed and blessed with knowledge, Tony Stark is smart enough to make a robotic suit in a desert, but, at the same time, he is also so intelligent that he is aware of the impending attacks by creatures out of Earth. He contemplates between living an ordinary life with his family and saving the Earth. If you have not already watched the Ironman series along with the Avengers series, you definitely have to prepare yourself some popcorn. If you did watch the movies, still go watch them again because they are so worth the time. Let these three simple words explain everything: “I am Ironman.”

By. Miso Kim