The Link of Harry Potter and I

Harry Potter is designated as a book series awarded a constant best-seller. Harry Potter, the main character, deals with conflicts in relationships, bravery, and anxiety throughout the series. The character resembles my personality of coping with a situation reasonably well, even when encompassed by pressure and anxiety. Harry Potter shows post-traumatic stress, such as experiencing nightmares and hallucinations throughout the series after encountering Lord Voldemort. Despite the trauma, he manages to stand still robustly, facing it with bravery and courage. His character mirrors mine as I also try to deal with traumatic situations with lightness and faith. I constantly expose myself to some sort of traumas to be accustomed to the environment and eliminate the stress.

Furthermore, Harry Potter’s tender and mindful personality reflects his affectionate and soft-hearted nature towards other people, just like the one I have. Since I have a warm heart for other people as Harry Potter does, I could relate to his actions and feelings throughout the series. Like Harry’s wounded heart from his infancy, I might have a wounded heart and painful memories that I got in the past. This pain in the memory is parallel to that of Harry. Just as other people who live with a wounded heart and memory, Harry has one as well. Harry Potter’s warm-hearted, sensitive, and wounded characteristic resembles mine. He has shown a huge mental change and growth as he constantly faces and makes decisions by himself. I have experienced growth by interacting with different people and resolving issues throughout my life. I feel a closer bond and interest in Harry Potter than any other characters in the series. His character reflects me, and there were multiple scenes in which I could relate to his emotions. 

By: Minjung Kwon