The First Victory

It was a huge twist. DRX won the final of the “2022 League of Legends World Championship”(2022 LOL World Cup), decorating the end of the drama-like story with the “Cup of Summoner.” On November 6th, in the 2022 LOL World Cup final round at Chase Center in San Francisco, California, DRX beat T1 and won 3-2. DRX won its first championship since its foundation by winning five sets against T1. DRX, which reached the LOL World Cup, struggled to achieve the lowest rank ever. Despite attaining most of the records that can be set by players, including LCK, MSI, Chinese LPL championship, and MVP, and the record of the most kills among league-of-war professional players, DRX beat.

Also, it received great attention that this victory was the first winning of Kim Hyuk-kyu. DRX long-distance dealer Kim Hyuk-kyu is a veteran player with ten years of experience and reached the semifinals of the “LOL World Cup” in 2014 but failed to cross the quarterfinals five times before reaching the final stage for the first time this year. He ended with the victory and became the eldest winner in the history of the “LOL World Cup” (born in 1996).

By. Hyein Hwang