Spring Wind Blows Through Music: Recurring Spring K-pop Song

Every year, when the flowers blossom, and everything turns green in Korea, the music ranking chart shows a similar pattern with a list of spring-themed songs. As the soundwaves of these songs flow through the air, people now recognize the transition into spring from winter by listening to them. Among the popular songs or music that recur each spring, Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending” has sold over 7.5 million digital copies in South Korea, making it the “best-selling single since the Gaon Chart was established in 2010” (Wikipedia). 

With a theme of spring, Busker Busker 1st Album contains a vibrant array of sprightly tunes that captivate the listeners even from the introductory part of the music. The lyrics of the music mainly express feelings of affection for a romantic partner and an imagination of walking together in a street filled with cherry blossoms. This song is always in the Korean

Music Chart Top 100 every spring since it reminds the listeners of their own pleasant memories that took place during spring due to its reminiscent vibe. Not only is it popular and high-ranked, but the critics and professional musicians also compliment the song’s musicality. For instance, culture critic Kim Heon-Sik said Cherry Blossom Ending was successful because it includes themes reminiscent of the spring season, such as “a cool breeze, cherry blossoms flying in the air, and couples who hold hands at festivals for the flowers” (Jin). Korea’s renowned entertainment JYP’s owner Jinyoung Park even said the song was “so beautiful that it was sad and it inspired him to spend the day making music” (Ho). 

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By. Jieun Kim