Natural Remedy for Spring

Spring is a magnificent season that satisfies both visual and olfactory needs with its blossoming flowers. People are captivated by the strewn delicious smells and softly graceful petals. Despite this, individuals are unable to avoid dust, hazy air, pollen, spring allergies, and the common cold, which mostly irritate their nose, throat, and bronchitis. While several approaches are proposed to prevent chronic suffrages in the spring, tea is one of the most natural alternatives to decrease drawbacks and help appreciate flowers with the eyes and nostrils. 

During spring, chamomiles, which resemble miniature daisies with yellow centers and white petals, may be found in environments throughout Europe and Western Asia. They diffuse the pleasant scent of apples with honey sweetness, as their name suggests (Greek meaning: Earth apple). Strangers are captivated not just by their distinct look and aroma, but also by their incredible health advantages. 

As stated by an article in The National Herald, “Ancient European physicians prescribed herbal teas regularly to aid in digestion and help relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu.” For centuries, it has been a popular remedy as a tisane, meaning a beverage infused or decorated with herbs for medical purposes. According to Yerba Mate to Culture, “chamomile tea is rich with phenolic compounds which strengthen immune systems, prevent pathogens and reduce inflammation.” Several studies also claimed that consuming chamomile tea helps to fight against the common cold. In spring, when most are in danger of

inflammation, which might be induced by several allergies, and the common cold due to pollen and rapidly changing temperature, a sip of chamomile tea will help people to savor spring by avoiding the disadvantages of spring. 

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By. Soohyun Nam