South Korean Space Rocket Nuri

Since the 20th century, countries have put a lot of effort into aerospace development. South Korea also entered the aerospace industry several decades ago. After years of dedication, South Korea finally launched its rocket called “Nuri” on October 21st, 2021, since the successful launch of the Naro in 2013. The ultimate goal of Nuri was to put the satellite in orbit. Even though Nuri failed its goal, reaching an altitude of 700 kilometers was a remarkable achievement. Although it did not achieve complete success, experts are preparing for the next launch by analyzing the cause of the failure. 

The reason that the recent launch of the Nuri is drawing attention is because it is a key means to leap into a powerful aerospace industrial country. Moreover, space launch technology brings a lot of benefits such as having a great impact on military power because it is closely related to ballistic missiles. For this reason, many countries are entering the aerospace industry despite the huge budget. If the Nuri makes up for its shortcomings and succeeds in launching, Korea will become a powerful aerospace industrial country that can be alongside six other countries, boasting its own aerospace technology. Although it is not yet a complete success, it seems that Korea’s aerospace technology will continue to grow rapidly, given that it has succeeded in flying, which is a key technology in the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry, like other industries, is on the rise and is a key technology many countries want to acquire. Korea has succeeded in launching the rocket, although it is not the desired goal after a long effort of many researchers and experts. However, South Korea is expected to gradually succeed in developing technology to become a powerful aerospace industrial country.

By: Brenson Ha