Movie Inspired Military

Weapons, particularly guns, are very appealing things in an action film. There are various inventive weapons in films that interest people. People want to make the weapon in the movie a reality because of its allure. Furthermore, current military firms drew inspiration for their products from films. 

The Movie “Judge Dredd,” released in 1995, is a mania film about a post-apocalyptic Earth. In the film, Judge Dredd, played by Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, used an enticing rifle known as the Rico Ancient Puzzle. This pistol resembles a little playing card. When the card detects that the user is Judge Dredd, the card transforms into a miniature pistol. This strategy is particularly creative since the concept may be employed in real-world combat situations. For example, concealing a weapon is a necessary skill for intelligence operatives, and the camouflage weapon would be useful to them.

In 2010, the ingenious pistol made its debut in the real world. Trailblazer created the Lifecard. Typically, this pistol resembles a standard credit card in appearance and size. However, as the user unfolds this card, it transforms into a terrifying pistol with one bullet. Trailblazer promoted this gun as the finest self-defense card.

By: Jaeho Ahn