Processes of Creating Clothes

Are you aware of the steps for making one piece of clothing? Most people purchase clothes if they feel it is suitable for them. However, people may not know the exact processes of making it; it is not as simple as buying clothes.

  1. Research

This process is the very first and important step to making the clothes. By this process, a crew decides the overall image of clothes. Factors of consideration include theme, concepts, research, and references.  In addition, they determine the types of fabrics and materials in this step.

  1. Idea development

The second step is idea development, often a relatively long process. Based on step one, designers sketch several pieces of clothes. Through this process, they come up with the concepts and ultimately finalize the concepts among several others.

  1. Pattern-making

The pattern is the most crucial element in clothes as it attracts customers’ attention, ultimately having them purchase the clothes. The designer transfers markings from the pattern to the fabric using the tracing wheel tool.  

  1. Sewing and Finalize

After fitting toile to a model that is the cheapest fabric to make a draft, the designer checks and tests the size, and cuts the fabric to make the final garment. In this process, the designer applies and includes other specific details on clothes and finalizes them.

By: Woojin Jung