Mid-tier hotels

There are countless hotels in the world, most of which are chain hotels. Sharing the same brand name makes it difficult for the customers to have differentiated experiences even when visiting different places. And this is true especially among the mid-tier hotels. To discuss more deeply about chain-hotels in the mid-tier, they have fine beds, fancy restaurants, and maybe a stylish swimming pool, but this is the problem. There is no difference among those mid-tier hotels. This leads to a serious problem: a decrease in the revisiting rate. Further examination will be required on this problem for the future of hotels. One way would be constant changes, under limited budgets. For example, making a multi-role space, so that it could be used for various purposes. These could give freshness to the hotel and positively impact the revisiting rate. Another way is the straight-forward way: maintain the best quality. The fact that people revisit high-quality hotels is already known as true, hotel do not need to do anything creative or revolutionary, the solution is simple. Though it is hard to maintain high-quality, hotels should have 24-hours room service and reception, more personalized services, easy communication with staff, and laundry service; this would benefit not only by increasing the revisit rate but also by increasing its reputation.

By Minsoo Kim