A Short-Financed Graduate School

As time passed, the proportion of domestic students who do not go to graduate school has increased. Therefore, graduate schools are attracting financial resources by attracting international students. The proportion of international students has tripled in 13 years. Many people cited it as a waste of time as the reason why they don’t go to graduate school often these days. It is said that many people give up going to graduate school because one year and one year are important in a fierce society. 

According to the Korea Education Development Institute on Monday, 48,153 (14.3 percent) of 336,596 students enrolled in graduate schools in Korea as of 2023, compared with 5.1 percent in 2010 to 16,291 students, which has tripled in 13 years. This is because the government actively allows foreign students to be attracted given the circumstances of universities where it is difficult to recruit graduate students due to a decrease in the school-age population. The proportion of foreign graduate students is expected to rise further. The Ministry of Education aims to attract 300,000 foreign students including undergraduate students by 2027. “We expect positive effects such as strengthening universities’ global competitiveness and securing competitiveness in high-tech fields,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Lee Ju-ho, who proposed measures to enhance the competitiveness of international students late last year. 

In the future, the proportion of Korean college students going to graduate school is expected to decrease over time, which will lead to a higher attraction of foreign students in the country. Nevertheless, it is important for students interested in going to graduate school not to be swayed by their surroundings, as graduate school is seen as a way to increase their chances of surviving more competition in both employment and later on.

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By. Taewon Heo