Hydrogen and Electric Cars

Nowadays, it is very easy to see electric cars on the street. It is common that you see electric vehicles every five minutes. This was rare five years ago. The electric vehicle charging stations have been also increasing. So, why are they increasing? 

Electric cars use batteries as a fuel to work. Of course, recharging of batteries is required. There is a system called ‘Cycles’ in every battery. The Cycle is the number system that counts how much time the battery was used. If the cycle number goes over the limit, it is considered unusable. Excessive usage of batteries too much results in the loss of the power to restore them. In other words, the battery easily runs out of power. It may sound as if using electric cars is a waste of money whereas benefits still exist. The advantage of using electric cars is that it causes no air pollution. Other advantages include cheaper rechargement of the battery compared to fueling and reduction of  traffic noise disturbances. The advantages enhances the quality-of-life and well-being for most people. 

Hydrogen car is another future transportation mechanism. They were in development a few years ago, but vast companies has somehow started to focus in the production of electric cars. One of the important benefits of hydrogen cars is that it uses hydrogen which is an infinite resource. This is comparatively more eco-friendly than electric cars. However, the crucial reason why hydrogen cars are having difficulty with its development is the danger of hydrogen. Hydrogen is a highly reactive element to fire. So, small spike of heat could start a fire on hydrogen which could lead to massive explosions and damage. If the safety of hydrogen cars is guaranteed, it could be the best transportation.

Nowadays, technology is developing faster as time goes on. In a few years, you will find yourself riding on a new vehicle that bestows a better life and environment.

By. Hyunsu Park

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