Development in delivery technology

As Coronavirus spread over the world, people deliver to eat rather than eating outside. Therefore, many delivery apps such as Coupang eats and Uber eats has been developed. For instance, in 2021, Uber Eats made a $1.7 million in the first quarter of 2021, and the number of franchises exceeded 800 thousand. Also, the delivery technology has developed. Many food franchises use drones instead of motorcycles to deliver nowadays. The first commercial delivery was developed in 2012. A company called ‘Wing’ thought that drones will provide improved access to the things that people need and solve problems on roads such as road congestion. It first started off by delivering essential supplies such as cough medicine by partnering with Walgreens, FedEx, and Sugar Magnolia. Later, the company delivered some food. The usage of drone expanded from three companies to many, especially as Coronavirus spread. The delivery step starts when a customer selects products to deliver in the app. Then,  the Wing software evaluates its route for delivery. Wing’s partner pulls the items and places them inside the aircraft. Lastly, the drone departs and proceeds to the customer’s home.

As Wing developed the first delivery drone, many companies has been utilizing this mechanism. UPS, the most famous delivery company in America, uses delivery drones to transport the COVID-19 vaccines to each hospital. The vaccines are first stored at a central pharmacy. Later, it is transported to immunization centers. Many other companies besides UPS utilizes this system. For example, Amazon is planning to develop a drone delivery system called the “Amazon Prime Air”. 

Drone delivery systems are still developing nowadays. Drones will be one of the focus in the fourth industrial revolution. Drones will also be used for other ways other than the purpose of delivery.

By. David Choi