Halloween for 2020

The Coronavirus took over the world.  So, we better stay inside and minimize all the out-going activities. Here are some recommendations for those who still want to have some fun!

Watching scary movies

This is a traditional activity for Halloween. People gather around and watch scary movies so that they can concentrate more on the movie without getting bored. There are a lot of good scary movies, but Halloween (2018) is my recommendation for this time. Not only is this movie related to Halloween, but it is also a well-made movie. Main story of this movie is quite interesting. Moreover, to build up its dramatic effect, watching a movie at a spooky decorated home is recommended.

Baking cute Halloween desserts

As the Halloween season arrives, people post many videos of themselves making Halloween desserts on their social media. And for those of you who have never cooked before, Halloween baking would be a good starter because most  of the time, they are really easy to bake. For example, making eyeball dessert with Oreo is very simple. First, remove the top of the Oreo. Then, put a circle shaped jelly and M&ms on top of the cream. To make it look more realistic, you can add some red curly lines around.Since exchanging sweets is the main event for Halloween, baking will be a memorable moment for Halloween.

With these in-door activities, let’s have an enjoyable and safe Halloween this year!

by. Seoyoung Hwang