No Trick Or Treating in 2020?

“Trick or Treat” is a Halloween tradition where you go door to door and ask for candy, shouting “trick or treat.” However, under the global pandemic, the majority of the population won’t be as joyous to find children knocking on their doors. Then, what should we do for Halloween while following the social distancing guidelines? 

To begin with, instead of Trick Or Treating, you can go “ghosting”. To do ghosting, the kids must create their own goodie bags of sweets for their friends or neighbors and leave them on their friends’ doorsteps with a small note after simply knocking on the door or calling them via phone. Some people refer to this as “booing” someone, as many people leave notes saying, “You’ve been booed”.

Another option is to host a virtual party. In virtual parties, people play spooky music, play fun games, watch a Halloween movie, make halloween-themed snacks, and decorate their homes with ghost balloons or pumpkins together. Thanks to Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms that were created when Covid-19 crushed, people are able to celebrate and enjoy Halloween with their friends or family while following the social-distancing guidelines.

With all kinds of ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020, it is a unique way and different method we have never tried. However, how can we miss the fun part of October? With all various options, let’s have fun on Halloween in new ways!

by. Hyeran Ha