Evolution of Literature Since the Ancient Times

As numerous civilizations formed connections and engaged in trade, massive development of literature occurred, which served as means of communication.

The primary form of writing emerged in Mesopotamia 5500 years ago. Literature in Mesopotamia was mainly portrayed using symbols and pictures. However, a system of Sumerian characters replaced it later on.

Grammar was a significant contribution to the evolution of literature and led to a more effective and convenient method of communication. The Greeks were the first to utilize grammar in literature. This led to the development of Greek literature and language. The Alexandrians from Egypt later revised the grammar to protect the clarity of the language.

Figurative language is commonly used in unofficial writings that involve a play with psychology. It conveys an expression or tone that goes beyond the original meaning of phrases or words. It further enables creativity and indirect virtuality for the readers. This language method was developed in the mid-nineteenth century, which is comparatively more recent than the period in which grammar emerged.

The evolution of language is still progressing further on in the future based on the fundamentals that were created in the past. The influence of the ancient people has a significant effect on the usage of language in modern days.

By. Minjung Kwon