Do you Know About the Black Friday Sale?

Do you know about the Black Friday Sale? Black Friday started in America on a Friday night after Thanksgiving. In America, the Black Friday Sale indicates that the

Christmas season has begun with higher discounts on products. The Black Friday Sale has become a culture all over the world. Over 90% of the countries have a Black Friday Sale which is similar to the sales dates in America around November.

Most of the Black Friday Sales’ products are the cheapest during the season. Many people around the world recognize the Black Friday Sale as a huge event with many recommendations on the products with high discounts. The products on sale are mostly with 10~15% more sales compared to regular periods. For example, Walmart is selling televisions with over $680 off of the original price. This year’s Black Friday Sale is going back into the classic method of selling more on-store products than in online stores. In the post-pandemic Black Friday Sales, many stores are giving off bigger sales than in past years. However, beware of the products that are being sold during the period. Various websites with

advertisements about the sales are making consumers buy poor-quality products and overconsume. According to Consumer Reports, Wilcox mentioned that “super-low-priced doorbuster specials draw people in with visions of savings, but the sets—often from lesser-known brands—are not always worth the price.” This comes from the scammers

wishing to earn money from the Black Friday Sale period by fooling people into buying cheap but inferior products.

Therefore, many experts recommend buying expensive electronic products during the sales period as they do not go on sale regularly compared to the commonly-consumed products. As the customer reports show, it is ironically of thrifty choice to buy expensive products during the Black Friday sales.

By. Eunyoung So