Unique Christmas Traditions

As the year comes to an end, many companies are hosting Christmas celebrations. Christmas is a holiday of love and joy. Many think of Santa Claus, candy canes, gingerbread houses, presents, and fairy lights as a representation of Christmas. Christmas is celebrated in a variety of ways from different cultures.

In Iceland, children are visited by Yule Lads, the thirteen trolls, not by Santa Claus. Children leave their shoes near the window for Yule Lads to fill them with candy or raw potatoes. While the sweets are given out to “good” kids, the raw potatoes are given out to the “bad” ones.

In Austria, the tradition of Krampus roams the streets. Krampus is known as a half-goat and half-man creature that kidnapps naughty kids. On the other hand, the well-behaved children await St. Nicholas’s arrival for presents.

In the Philippines, the city of San Fernando is called the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines” as it holds the Giant Lantern Festival. Many residents and visitors take part in the competition/event for making the best lanterns. The Giant Lantern Festival started from the establishment of electricity in San Fernando and had been celebrated annually ever since.

Although many cultures enjoy their own ways of celebration, they all have one aspect in common: enjoying the winter season and spending time with their families. As each culture is unique and special, it is important to embrace your tradition.

By. Reea Kim