Thanks to Challenge

Due to the massive increase of Covid-19, medical staffs are having a hard time working in the hospital. In response, people started “medical staffs supporting campaign.” Dubbed “Thanks to Challenge”, people post a picture of themselves with their thumbs up and the hashtag “thankstochallenge.” Then, they choose other people to continue their challenge. This campaign showed appreciation and respect to the workers. 

A lot of people have already participated in this campaign. For example, not only the general public, but many famous celebrities also participated in this challenge to deliver their positive influence.

However, the public was disappointed by some celebrities who were accused of violating social distancing themselves, which defied the purpose of the challenge they joined. For example, four members of famous k-pop boy bands such as BTS, Seventeen, NCT, and Astro were found hanging around in Itaewon at midnight. Also, a famous celebrity Lee Hyo ri was accused of doing a live broadcast in a karaoke. Celebrities received severe criticisms not only because they were participating in the challenge, but also because they negatively influenced many others worldwide.

In defense of those celebrities, some fans claimed that celebrities’ actions are no different from the general publics’ everyday actions, which makes it unreasonable to criticize them. However, public figures should be more careful with their actions since it is indisputable that they affect a whole lot of people globally. 

by. Ah Yoon Chung