Coronavirus vaccine rollout delayed by vaccine hesitancy among health professionals

While multiple countries have finally started distributing COVID-19 vaccines, there happens to be an unforeseen obstacle that impedes vaccine rollouts. With every immunization process, some people do not believe in it, choosing to forgo vaccination. While doctors would prefer everyone to get vaccinated, some people decide not to get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccine rollout is unique because, unlike other vaccines, many health workers are refusing to get vaccinated. 

Surgo Ventures surveyed health professionals to understand sentiments towards the COVID-19 vaccine. One key finding was that of the people who were offered the vaccine, 15% refused to get it. The main reasons cited were a lack of evidence for the safety of the vaccine, “personal safety concerns,” and the unease that the approval process was rushed (Surgo Ventures 2021). 

This trend is concerning because doctors and nurses are exposed the most to COVID-19, and if they get sick, they can no longer perform their job. Furthermore, healthcare workers refusing to get the vaccine creates further distrust in the general population on vaccines’ safety. 

While it is worrying that healthcare professionals are refusing to get the vaccine, we can take steps to create trust in the public in vaccines. Surgo Ventures’ study notes that the more people know about vaccines, the more likely people are to get one. This study stresses the importance of public vaccine campaigns that educate people on what vaccines are, how they work, and what they do.

By: Brenson Ha