Click to see J.K Rowling’s strong mindsets

Have you ever heard of the name “Harry” before? Many teens living in the 21st century will immediately think of Harry Potter. The author Joanne Rowling, also known as J.K Rowling, had a devastating time before writing the Harry Potter Series. The story of Joanne Rowling can be much more amusing and inspiring than the Harry Potter books and is a story for us to learn and be influenced. 

Joanne had an arduous time during childhood. She loved reading books and started to show talent at writing from 6 years old. Her happy life was destined to last until her mother was diagnosed with multiple illnesses and passed away a decade later. Due to this incident, Joanne’s family suffered financial losses. Parker writes in his interview that Rowling had a hard time as she says, “I came from a difficult family. My mother was very ill, and it wasn’t the easiest.” 

To begin her adulthood, Joanne moved to Portugal, and this is where she met her first husband. Unfortunately, things didn’t end up fortunate for Joanne as the couple was a mismatch and later divorced in 1993. She came back to England with her daughter and started working on the Harry Potter book series. According to The Guardian, Joanne struggled a lot and had suicidal thoughts as she had multiple therapies for her depression.

Many publishers avoided Joanne’s Harry Potter series, but she finally got a contract with a publisher named “Bloomsbury.” Her road to success began from there, as her first book was a hit and sold over thirty thousand copies. Her books were made into movies by the Warner Brothers, and the movies were also major hits worldwide. When the Harry Potter series was finished, according to Business Insider, Joanne earned over 650 million dollars from it. Harry Potter has many merchandises and is popular among teenagers to this day. After the Harry Potter series, she wrote books such as “Casual Vacancy,” and they received positive feedback from readers and the press. 

Overall, Joanne had obstacles but eventually overcame them. She never paused on writing and wrote a book that we all cherish. Most people might give up when things don’t go as they planned or when they are having difficulties. We should be inspired by her determination and her strong enthusiasm. If our generation can have this mindset, the world can be a much better environment. 

By: Jack Hwang