Books that would bring you back to 2010s

All of us had that specific childhood, where we would love to read books. There were all different kinds of children’s books we would have read and it brings a lot of nostalgia. For me, I personally read a lot of children’s books and some of them taught me life lessons and entertained me. As we all have those memories, I want to share my favorite childhood books. 

First, Magic Tree House book series are different stories of 2 siblings called Jack and Annie traveling and visiting historical moments. The Magic Tree House series developed my interest in history and expanded my imagination as it taught me many historical lessons and their value. It also had interesting stories other than history and taught me morals and life lessons on making decisions and being brave. Second, Geronimo Stilton series are books that are based on Geronimo, a mouse, and his adventures. Geronimo Stilton’s books are comedy books which are great time-killers and are loved by many children in the world. Geronimo Stilton books are especially special for me as these books take me back to when I was a kid, and they would sometimes remind me of the times when they were no problems in life. His books also made me happy when I was going through depressing times and always made me laugh when I read the book. 

I have read a lot of different children’s books and reading them in recent times have brought me a lot of nostalgia. It’s a very relaxing and fun thing to read old childhood books as they bring good memories from the past and also motivates you to live a harder life for the future. In this current world, where phones and electronics are used a lot, books are losing the interest they used to receive, and reading has become an unusual thing. However, I highly suggest you get back to reading as they can affect, motivate, inspire, and develop you in many different ways.

By: Jinha Hwang