3 Keys in 2021 S/S New York Fashion Week

Are you interested in fashion? New York Fashion Week has been held in February and September every year lasting for four days. In 2021, S/S New York Fashion Week showcased 40 brands that started with Jason Wu’s rooftop show at Spring Studios and ended with Tom Ford’s digital debut show. There were three main concepts: burnt orange, glam sweatsuit and cut-out.

First, burnt orange got huge attention in 2021 s/s. Burnt orange is a medium dark orange that is composed of 80% red, 33.3% green and 0% blue. Many people might think it is hard to go with orange. However, it is great with ivory, white and chambray. For example, designer Dirty Pineapple matched a burnt orange top with dark ivory jacket, light checked shorts and black shoes. 

Second, a glam sweatsuit became popular due to the fact that most people stay at home during COVID-19. New York designers developed a glam sweatsuit that can be worn comfortably and fashionably. Other designers upgraded this idea to hoodie, long wear and gowns. Cynthia Rowley offered an overfit glam sweatsuit with blue crop top and wide pants. 

Lastly, cut-out was a big innovation. It was also introduced in the last 2020 F/W seasons. However, it is expected to be a continuing trend. This cut-out design reveals the skin in unexpected ways such as tight pants and skinny dress sleeves. Raisa Vanessa attended with a strong neon color that cut out the side of the arm and exposed the opposite arm and legs. Also, Maisie Wilen wore a black cut out the side of the flank that reveals your body without being excessive, and at this time, you can choose a tight design for simulating a slimmer body. 

In conclusion, these 3 main concepts summarize the main trends of the 2021 S/S New York Fashion Week. Sentimental burnt orange is not so bright and dark that is easy to wear, the most attractive glam sweatsuit during these Corona times has both stylish sense and coziness, and cut-outs can express understated exposure that gives off a cool atmosphere.

By: Hyein Hwang