2020 Fall Outfit: A Trench Coat

A new season is just around the corne! From now on, we should begin taking out our favorite comfortable fall outfits from the wardrobe to shift from summer. During the fall, many people are putting a lot of effort in their outfits. This fall, a trench coat is again ranking the top of our fashion desires. 

A trench coat is a coat variety made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine drill, leather, or poplin. It has various lengths ranging from just above the ankles-the longest-to above the knee-the shortest. Traditionally, the trench coat has  10 front buttons, wide lapels, pockets, and a belt with a buckle at the waist. Its original color is khaki but nowadays, there are diverse versions of color. 

There are few ways to style your trench coat. First, wear a trench coat with loafers and a sweater. This look is always perfect for fall as a comfortable outfit. Second, try your classic trench coat over a floral-patterned dress. If you think that the classic trench coat is too old and effortless, the floral dress will make up for these shortcomings of the coat. Last, put on classic denim and a neck scarf with a trench coat. You will never go wrong with classics. Let’s enjoy your fall with a trench coat!

by. Hyeran Ha