Underrated problems: Sea Pollution and Technology

Recent news about nature and its odd behaviors are just making us more and more certain that the pollution of our planet has just gone way too far. Yet many people do not recognize the severity of this problem. See how people create tons of plastic waste annually, and how it has polluted our ocean. Even though many marine animals are being endangered, due to the immensity of the ocean and the variety of those animals, many people are not aware of this issue. In this article, we present how technologies had threatened our environment and how they could help lessen pollution. 

As technology developed for the favor of humans, our nature had suffered increasingly. According to Denchak, agricultural toxic materials are one of the largest factors for water pollution. Pesticides and fertilizers that are frequently used in farms flow into rivers and oceans, eventually causing the water to be overly nutrient. This ultimately causes the increase of algae. Wastewater from industrial factories is another large factor that contributes to the pollution of the Earth’s large ocean bodies. 

On the bright side, attempts to overcome the pollution are made. One example is the nuclear wastewaters that are released into the ocean. Scientists in Korea had developed a method to sort out the toxic hydrogen compound from the wastewater (Han). Though these methods are indeed very useful and cheap, this does not mean that we could start flooding the ocean with all kinds of wastewater. It takes no effort to start dumping waste into nature, but it takes a whole lot of effort to restore nature to its original pace. The most important step for humans to take to coexist with nature is not to develop technology but is rather to create more regulations on ourselves to stop harm toward nature. 

By: Sohee Im