U.K’s Reaction Towards 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine


Ukraine is geographically located in a very important place in Europe. Since the regions surrounding Ukraine were the regions that determined the border between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War and the east and west of Europe, a country occupying a position in Ukraine can obtain a relative advantage or equal hegemony.

One of the main reasons for Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine is probably because of concerns that it could become U.S. territory. Ukraine was once part of the Soviet Union. Therefore, Ukraine itself had nuclear weapons and was not a weak country against a powerful power. However, this time, Ukraine is hostile to Russia and wants to join NATO; therefore, Russia has a U.S. station in front of their borders, and the U.S. can attack or impose sanctions on the Soviet Union whenever it wants. Russia eventually declared war, and many Ukrainian citizens are losing their lives or being wounded on an increasing basis.

British Prime Minister Rt Hon. Boris Johnson said Russian President Vladimir Putin has chosen the path of bloodshed and destruction by launching an unprovoked attack on Ukraine. He also announced that he would provide military supplies to Ukraine. Since the announcement, severe economic sanctions have been imposed. In addition, along with Eastern European countries suffering from the Russian threat, they are taking the lead and insisting on Russia’s withdrawal from SWIFT. BP, a large British oil company, announced on the 27th that it would sell all of its stock in Russia’s Rosnepucci, which it owns 19.75%, and end all mergers in Russia. It would be a de facto withdrawal from Russia. BP’s Bernard Rooney has resigned from Rosnepucci’s board of directors.

The United Kingdom has no choice but to impose such sanctions. Since it is a country that has continued to cooperate with the United States during the period of coldness, it was in a situation where it had no choice but to receive an unconditional check from the U.K against Russia. In addition, as Russia continued to put pressure on war, and eventually invaded NATO territory, it was also damaged. As a NATO member, Russia’s invasion had to be prevented with economic sanctions and attempts to negotiate.

By. Yoong Kim