The World Cup

The World Cup is a competition regularly held and consists of world-sized accredited organizations in sports events. It is the most prestigious competition in the world, with the Olympic Games held every four years. The world championships held in Korea include the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Each competition is called the World Championship and it is also called the venue or the event of the year. It is usually called the World Championship. In the case of stocks with well-formed fandom in Korea, they are also abbreviated as Season or World. In English, it is called the name of the game organization first, followed up with “World Cup”.

In fact, evaluating which players are excellent in the sports world is a comprehensive look at their performance in various official competitions, including the World Championships. The non-fans usually watch only the Olympics or the Asian Games, but that does not mean that these athletes’ efforts end in bad luck. Since these accumulated results lead to additional points in the national quota distribution at the next tournament, more junior players will have to compete in the international competition again to maintain the World Championship quota and win the Olympic gold medal.

The popularity of the FIFA World Cup is much higher than that of other events and the UEFA European Championship and the UEFA Champions League. Even those who do not know soccer often watch their country’s national soccer team’s World Cup finals. The origin of the term “World Cup” itself began to be used in the competition and the success of the FIFA World Cup soon led to the use of the word “World Cup” in other sports. The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia has a cumulative audience of approximately 3.572 billion, and the Russian World Cup final has an average audience of approximately 1.116.29 billion, more than the UEFA European Championship final or the UEFA Champions League final of approximately 160 million.

Although the word “World Cup” began in soccer, the word itself does not only refer to the World Cup in soccer. Not all sports use the name “World Cup”, but there are definitely competitions under the name “World Cup” in other sports. Nevertheless, the image of the FIFA World Cup is absolute, as many people skip the word “FIFA” and just call it “World Cup” when they hear the word “World Cup.”

By. Yoong Kim