Let’s celebrate International Tea Day!

As the weather is getting hotter these days, most people enjoy drinking cool drinks. Nevertheless, the demand and consumption of tea are also increasing worldwide. Perhaps, people are getting interested in tea because of the many health benefits of tea. Accordingly, the United Nations General Assembly designated May 21st as the International Tea Day to celebrate tea. The theme for this day is “Tea and Fair Trade.” This theme has a basic purpose of beautifying the economic facts of tea, especially in areas where it grows. Poverty is common in these areas and its fair trade can help fight poverty as well as improve their resources and access to international markets.

Therefore, on this day, there are many activities for sustainable production and consumption of tea. In addition, there are some ways you can celebrate International Tea Day at home. Try to host a tea party! Choosing a theme for a tea party is a good way to make it like a more special event. British pop culture, for example, can be a great theme for people who want to express their respect for their love of tea. Whenever possible, proceed with the theme of all aspects of the tea party. Also, it is recommended to boil several teapots of different types of tea so that you can fully taste the tea!

If you do not have time to prepare for a tea party, you can serve your own afternoon tea at home. Invite just a few friends, and enjoy delicious little bread and boiled tea together! English Breakfast Tea is a classic and it is good, but how about using an International Tea Day as an opportunity to try a new tea flavor? Since there are countless flavors of tea around the world, it would be great to try them through this day. Let’s enjoy tea in these ways and celebrate it on International Tea Day next year!

By. Hanseul Chang

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