The Chosen One that Draws the Sword

This is a warning stating that the following article may contain spoilers about the musical Xcalibur.

Xcalibur is a musical about a man named Arthur who lived his whole life as a commoner. One day, Merlin, a wise wizard, claimed that Arthur was the king’s heir and asked him to claim the throne of England by drawing the holy sword called Excalibur. He added that England needs a king now because the Saxons are coming after the people and the lands. After going through various hardships from other characters and even his vices, Arthur finally retains the kingdom and protects England.

Often, we can witness how corrupted characters in literature works long for power. They may want it to hide their corrupted actions or to do more of those evil deeds. In Xcalibur, it is the opposite. Before Arthur gained power, he was a person who cared about his friends and family. Even right after he gained his position, he said that everyone is equal. However, as the story progressed, Arthur became absorbed in that he was the chosen one. He would not hesitate to challenge anyone who dared to tell him what to do, even if that was his friend.

The story focused on many vices and virtues of human nature. King Arthur became violent and aggressive. Lancelot, Arthur’s best friend, and Guinevere, Arthur’s wife, fell in love with each other and committed infidelity. Morgana almost drove her half-brother Arthur to his downfall, and she killed a man she used to trust the most because she was blinded with vengeance and ambition.

Destiny and fate are some of the most frequent themes of literary works, and Xcalibur also displayed the elements of fate. When Merlin told him that Arthur should be the king, Arthur replied by singing a song called “My Flesh, My Blood, My Skin, My Bones,” representing how Arthur believed that he was the owner of his life. At first, Arthur was firmly against the fate that was given to him. He understood that he should occupy the throne to save the people he loved from the Saxons, so he decided to accept his fate and sit on the throne.

The lighting used in Xcalibur not only made the audience focus on essential parts but also strengthened the dramatic effects of the scenes. For example, when the scene explained how all lands were covered with blood and fighting, the red light started from one place and spread quickly as if blood was spreading across the lands. Moreover, bright white light was used to shine the Xcalibur, making the sword look more holy and robust.

The musical Xcalibur is in theaters from August 17th to November 7th at Blue Square Shinhan Card Hall, and one can buy tickets on Melon Ticket, Interpark, and other sites.

By: Miso Kim