Cork, Ireland

Sports, Exercise and Mental Health

Due to the COVID-19, many people stay home for a long time, and even the companies made people work from home. As the pandemic continues more than a year, the social distancing period extends, leading to inactivities. This makes it hard to cope with stress, which discourages sleeping and concentrating. However, by being active and with frequent exercise, these problems could be solved. 

Build New Habits During the Pandemic 

As our activities’ scope is limited during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no strong motivation to stay busy. With the difficulties of working from home and the restricted availability of fitness materials, you might think it’s challenging to continue with an exercise schedule. Keeping an exercise routine at home is no longer a suggestion but mandatory at this point. Notwithstanding, even a limited quantity of movement can have an immense effect on how well you think and feel. 

● Exercise at the appropriate time for you—numerous individuals who keep a drawn-out practice program exercise in the mornings. Finishing your exercise routine early in the morning can stimulate you and set an upbeat pace for the remainder of the day. 

● Always be specific with your goals. Rather than “I have to get in better shape,” make a specific goal such as “walking 1 hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday”. With this, you could track your progress and continue your workout. When you have an unrealistic goal in front of you, you could get quickly drained because it is hard to see the progress until you reach the goal. 

● Create a home workout area. If you have space available, assign your home’s exercising zone and keep your equipment around. You could begin by doing push-ups against the wall, continue doing them against the kitchen counter, table, lastly, the floor. You can easily create a space of your own to have a great workout. 

● Just Move! For some people, all of these processes of setting an exercise plan could be overwhelming. Then pick music that you like and start dancing along with it! Or have a nice walk to groceries and walk back home. All of these easy movements could get you energized and get you active throughout the day. 

These might be difficult for you at first, but I guarantee that you will feel much better and active once you exercise. Furthermore, being active can promote a strong and healthy immune system to protect yourself from illnesses.

By: Jaehyun Lee