Remembering the Dead

What fall festivals do you celebrate in your country? Festivals are a time for families to gather and spend time together. Fall festivals usually revolve around the night and are fun to attend. Many countries have their own festivals but in Mexico, Día de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is the main fall festival. This is a special two-day event where people show respect for family members that passed away.

Día de Los Muertos starts on November 1st during which people have a lot of fun
showing love to those that passed away. This is a family reunion that includes food, music, and drinks. This festival occurs throughout the night where people dress up, put on costume makeup, sing, and dance. People embrace each other and watch the parades on the streets of Mexico. They interact with others, communicate, and share the joy they have at the moment. They also leave offerings at the graves of the dead. This holiday is a special time when everyone has the same goal: to show love to their family and those who passed away.

Día de Los Muertos is a festival that everyone has to experience as it will open the eyes
to the importance of one’s family. This festival emphasizes the need to show love to one’s family as nothing lasts forever. At the same time, death is portrayed not as a tragic event,
but as a normal part of our lives.

By: Reea Kim