MVP 23 goals Son Heung-min

Sky Sports said, “Son Heung-min came to mind at the last minute and competed until the end.” “Dubra Winner also showed a breathtaking rise and became a three-way race,”  he explained. In the end, Son Heung-min added two goals while winning 5-0 on the last day to become the power ranking champion. He scored 23 goals, the most in the league, without a penalty kick.

The position of the scoring king is an appropriate tribute to honor Son Heung-min’s efforts, who has always scored goals. He became the first Asian player to become the EPL’s top scorer. Daily Mail also placed Son Heung-min in the left-wing striker position of Team of the Season, evaluating him as a player with world-class capabilities. He played tirelessly and is not selfish, but he can be a scoring machine at any time. He is a candidate for the best player of the season along with Salah and Dubrawiner. The British daily Independent did not release the official Team of the Season at the media level. However, Son Heung-min’s name was included in all of the best 11 selected by 12 soccer writers on the 21st.

By. Hyein Hwang

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