Johns Hopkins And University Of Chicago Visit

International Admissions Officers from University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins University visited Seoul Scholars International on May 14th. University of Chicago Admissions Officer mentioned that there are over 50 majors and over 40 minors offered. Some of the popular majors students choose are Economics, Math, English, Computer Science, and Political Science. However, many students come in as undeclared and they have until their second year to decide their major. Until then, they can explore and take fun classes such as Russian Literature. At University of Chicago, they have a counselor that will help with finding internships and even help with interviews.
Johns Hopkins Admissions Officer mentioned that they truly value hands-on learning and research. Students can apply for research grants and can get around ten thousand dollars per year for four years.
Both schools have mentioned that they would need an official transcript and ACT or SAT test scores when students apply. Furthermore, TOEFL and IELTS scores are also required for international students. They mentioned the importance of personal statement and letters of recommendation since they explain students’ personalities and character.
Overall, the info session was very helpful for our students and they asked questions about getting scholarships, making their schedules, and summer courses offered at University of Chicago and John’s Hopkins.