Interesting Facts: ALMA

“Did you check Alma?”

 All students in SSI use Alma to check assignments, quizzes, grades and so on. Even though students and teachers frequently use Alma, we don’t know what exactly this tool is. Let’s find out!   

What is Alma?

Alma SIS(Student Information System) is a educational software made exclusively for students and teachers.

Who Made alma? When?

Alma was founded at 2012 by Andrew Herman, Mike Oliver and Elizabeth Long.

Where is Alma’s Headquarters?

Located in Portland Oregon, USA

Alma’s Mission: 


Keeping in mind that their work is never “done,” workers in Alma put in loads of effort to support students with better systems. Alma aims to help students shine by empowering their greatest learning source: educators and parents. This results in the efficient systems they provide not only to students, but also to teachers and parents.

Winning the “2020 EdTech Digest Awards”

The EdTech Digest Awards are the largest recognition program in the education technology industry. It is an honor to receive this award, and it turns out that this is Alma’s second time winning it.

 -Written By: Hyewon So