Exercising and Relaxing

Workout at the gym is not only limited to lifting heavy dumbbells or riding a treadmill. Here is a type of exercise technique you probably haven’t heard of. Alexander Technique was founded by Frederick Matthias Alexander who was a reading actor. While he was reading Shakespeare on a stage, he got a hoarse voice and went to see a doctor get treatment. The treatment from the doctor was sufficient resting for two weeks. Even after two weeks, the condition of his voice did not get better. Concluding that it isn’t a medical problem, he decided to look for the cause of his trouble. He bought three-floor minors and observed himself for nine years. At last, he found out that when he went the extra mile, especially on the stage, he got nervous, and the body stiffened. Alexander came up with the “Alexander Technique”, also called the “Using myself technique”, which can treat one’s mind and emotion. Many people have tended to stay in the wrong positions repeatedly to the extent of developing it as a habit. The Alexander Technique relieves tension and encourages muscle relaxation for a comfortable posture. People simply need to follow the therapist’s instructions and eventually, they would feel a loosen-up body. People living in the contemporary days with excessive concerns and disturbing tensions could utilize this technique to relieve their stiff muscles and improve their chronic posture.

By: Hyein Hwang