During COVID-19, people started wearing face masks and practicing social- distancing. We seem to be finally reaching the end of the “pandemic” period that has been going on for over two  years. From now on, we can take off masks outdoors and changes will happen in our daily lives. 

The end of the pandemic is related to life and enjoyment. As the end of the pandemic is coming, various festivals and events have alarmed a comeback. Most of the outdoor activities were canceled due to COVID-19, but following the end of the social distancing, these music & culture festivals will be held. Many of the Rock Festivals and Jazz festivals that are held  outdoors every year started to show up subsequently. Seoul Jazz festival is coming up soon in summer, and a famous festival called the ‘Beautiful Mint Life’ is also coming back to people. Also, eating inside the theaters is now allowed which profits each business. After a long period of social distancing is coming to end, people are finally able to go through their daily life.

By. Eunyoung So